Testimonials from past and present patients...

testimonials from patients of Hilary Newman

Some comments from people successfully treated by the Hilary Newman Clinic:

"Before starting the programme I was bordering on M.E. and was permanently sick, now I feel I have my quality of life back."
(Female Age 27)

"I suffered with hay fever for 35 years. Upon completing the programme I have had no sign of hay fever and a lot of aches and pains have disappeared."
(Female Age 44)

"I had a very sore stomach, bloating, halitosis and lacking in energy with sleepless nights. Now all of these symptoms have disappeared."
(Male Age 55)

"For 12 years I suffered from a weak back and more recently severe whiplash. I went to private hospitals, Harley Street doctors, had cortisone injections and high doses of painkillers. These were not effective and I felt depressed. Within ten days of starting the programme I didn't need painkillers, my weight dropped and I felt ten years younger."
(Male Age 45)

"I had unsightly dark bags under my eyes and my energy levels were very low. Doctors could not find anything wrong. After 2 weeks of strictly following the regime I noticed my 'bags' had diminished and generally my energy increased. Friends and family commented how well I looked. A month or two further I have continued to follow Hilary's advice and preventative methods and now feel like my old self again."
(Female Age 25)

"I had suffered with stomach problems and IBS for many years. Doctors' treatment showed no improvement. Since finding the 'cause' of my problem and eliminating it, I feel no discomfort in that area whatsoever."
(Female Age 42)

"I was feeling terrible, suffering with mood swings, headaches, bad periods, mouth ulcers, aching limbs, weight gain and lacking of energy. Within two weeks of the programme my weight has dropped considerably, my energy has increased, I am no longer suffering with any of my previous ailments."
(Female Age 33)

"I had been receiving osteopathy for over a year for a pain under my right rib with no success. I also had severe pain in the back of my legs which doctors diagnosed as a deep vein problem, a pain in my right shoulder and reoccurring thrush After following the programme and Hilary's advice all these ailments have completely gone. Other symptoms I had included night sweats, strong hot flushes, unable to lose weight, feeling very emotional, being tearful and unable to cope all making me feel depressed. These have all improved 95%. I am also able to lose weight, which has always been difficult for me."
(Female Age 52)


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