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Nutritional, allergy and holistic health services from Hilary Newman

Initial Consultation
An initial consultation will take approximately two hours. During this time Hilary will ask about your medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. Discover how your consultation can lead to recovery >>

Food Intolerance
Food Intolerance is often confused with allergies, but is a very different condition. Discover the causes, origins, symptoms, and available treatments. Learn about how food intolerance can create many symptoms >>

General Intolerance
Intolerance is an unusual form of physical disorder, defined as the incapacity to absorb the nutrients required by the body. Discover if you could be intolerant to everyday substances >>

Nutritional Disorders
Nutritional disorders can cause chronic malnutrition as a result of which the body does not receive the essential ingredients required for optimum health. Obesity can also be described as a nutritional disorder. Read more about nutritional disorders >>

Parasites in the human body live off the nutrients and cells of the host – i.e. the person affected. The number of these microscopic parasites can multiply extremely quickly, leading to a variety of disorders. Find out how parasites can affect your health >>

Toxins are poisonous substances produced by living cells or organisms, or by artificial bi-products of waste or emissions - many can be carcinogenic. Discover which toxins can be found in common products >>

Colonic Hydrotherapy
This treatment cleanses the colon and is an effective way to remove unidentified toxins and waste. Read more about this effective cleansing technique >>

Allergies results in a weakening of the immune system as a result of exposure to usually harmless environmental substances like dust or moisture. Those affected by asthma are more prone to allergies. Discover the causes of allergies >>

Hilary can address many concerns regarding fertility and pregnancy. Read about fertility issues here >>





Intolerance to drugs



Common allergies explained




During the past ten years Hilary has significantly helped patients with many common conditions >>

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