Intolerance can be defined as the incapacity to soak up the nutrients required by the body. In this situation the body fails to metabolize the nutrients required, leading to ill health.

Drug Intolerance

A drug intolerance is an adverse effect from a drug, whereby the patient reacts to a normal dosage as if they had taken an overdose. This occurs simply because the body is unable to metabolize the drug and correctly absorb the medication.

Some Examples of Drug Intolerance:

Liver breakdown: Liver failure can be caused by normal doses of acetaminophen, and can also result in kidney failure.

Tinnitus: This condition, which makes a human ear imagine sounds that do not exist, can be caused by normal doses of aspirin.

Stomach irritation:  Aspirin can cause stomach upset in patients who are unable to absorb it correctly. Aspirin is high in salicylates which feed an organism called Toxoplasma Gondii. These are of the food stuffs high in salicylates which feed this organism. Hilary can detect Toxoplasma and advise a diet free until it is cleared from the body. The foods can then be re-introduced.

Intolerance is the inability to absorb or metabolize nutrients.

Symptoms mirror those of a drug overdose even when the dosage is normal.