Consultation and treatment - taking the first step

Are you suffering from a skin condition, uncomfortable digestion, bloating or a general feeling of unwellness? Would you like to improve your chances of conceiving, or lose some weight? A consultation with Hilary can be the first step to changing your life, forever.

Your initial consultation is the first step to improving your health and your sense of wellbeing. It will take approximately two hours, during which time Hilary will ask about your medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. She will also identify any food, chemical, animal and environmental intolerances using a simple process involving muscle testing called Kinesiology. This is a non-invasive process during which you are lying down and fully clothed.

During this process Hilary will detect a list of foods that you will then be asked to avoid eating, until they can be checked again at your next treatment. Full dietary advice is given along with any necessary dietary supplements.

After your first treatment

Many clients comment on how their energy levels improve and symptoms subside after only one treatment, however this process will need to be reviewed and thoroughly monitored by Hilary during a follow up session. This is usually scheduled approximately ten to fourteen days after your first treatment.

Hilary identifies food, chemical, animal and environmental intolerances which may be making your life miserable.

Comprehensive dietary advice and any required supplements will be provided.