Case Studies

Why did you go to Hilary in the first place? What were your symptoms? How were you feeling? Did you have a specific condition (e.g irritable bowel/eczema etc) or a more generalised feeling of unwellness? 

Angharad Evans, 41 years old, Teacher, South Wales says " I was diagnosed with Lupus and various other conditions."

Louise Hall, 33, Beauty Therapist says " Myself and my husband had been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for 4 years- we had tried everything from acupuncture, reflexology, and special diets to tablets, exercises and even spells!We had countless tests by doctors which always came back saying there was nothing wrong with either of us, no one could understand why we couldn't conceive. After 2 unsuccessful ivf attempts we were at our lowest point when somebody recommended we contact Hillary as her record for helping couples conceive was amazing."

Linda Jones, 51 years old, Company Director says "I had experienced IBS type symptons on and off for around 7 years, which impacted on my life to a greater or lesser degree depending on the severity. During that period I had my gall bladder removed and suffered 2 separate, proven cases of campylobacter food poisoning which also took its toll on my digestive system.  As a consequence of the intermittent IBS symptoms becoming more acute for around a year before I visited Hilary, I was feeling generally low, tired and increasingly concerned that this would be something I would have to learn to live with."


How was it explained to you that Hilary's techniques would help alleviate your symptoms?

Angharad: "I had no idea! I heard of Hilary through a friend of a friend who had the same diagnoses as myself.  I had previously tried homeopath, but didn’t have an impact.  I had been taking immunosuppressant medication - it meant having a blood test taken every month before more pills could be prescribed.  There were potentially organ damage side effects, so I was keen to try different therapies. I turned up and decided to give it 100%"

Louise: "On our initial appointment I was given a diet to follow and Hillary explained what she thought was preventing me from getting pregnant and it made so much sense."

Linda: "Kinesiology was explained to me.  I was made aware that I could have food intolerances but that toxins and parasites can build of over a number of years, even as far back as childhood, could be surfacing.  Hilary said that she if someone has IBS then something is making the bowel irritable and she would find out what that was.  Some of the terminology sounded a little weird to be honest, but I was willing to try anything… And I'm so glad I did."


What did Hilary discover as part of the testing - what circumctances were creating your symptoms? (food intolerance etc)

Angharad: "It’s been a minefield.  My consultant stated that my condition was ‘just bad luck’ but Hilary was able to determine and irradiate the cause. Toxoplasma is the major cause, but many more..."

Linda: "There were a significant amount of foods and other products that my body was not tolerating for a variety of reasons.  There were toxins and parasites present that had built up over many years."


What advice did you receive in order to help alleviate your condition? Did you have to change your diet or give up certain foods or products? What changes did you have to make to your lifestyle?

Angharad: "I had to stick to a very restrictive diet for 2 weeks, then the following 2 weeks was a little less restrictive and the next 2 weeks a little more food was 'allowed'. This pattern continued. Whatever food was initially prohibited,  would soon be reintroduced into my diet.  The motivation to sticking to the diet was the result. I was feeling better, therefore keeping to whatever diet was ‘easy’. ‘Lifestyle’ wasn’t such an issue, it was more changing habits e.g. using a water filter, freezing meats, avoiding many lotions and potions as much as possible etc"

Louise: "As recommended by Hillary we not not try to conceive for 3 months but after that time we had our 3rd and final round of ivf and I was beyond gob smacked when it worked!! We are both so happy now that we are expecting our first child!"

Linda: "I was assured by Hilary that she could help me, and that whilst it may take a while she was confident that I would be well enough for my trip to India, which was at the forefront of my mind... I had to eliminate a significant range of foods/ingredients,  as well as toiletries and take a range of herbals remedies and supplements. No lifestyle changes other than the above which was plenty! I did not cheat and stuck religiously to what I was allowed to eat and the remedies I had to take.  It wasn't easy but I did not want  jeopardise the chance of success by not sticking to it 100% - or wasting my money!"


How many sessions did you have with the Clinic?

Angharad: "I have been going regularly for four years."

Linda: "After the initial 3 sessions that everyone has, I went very regularly for 6 months and then started to increase the time between appointments.  A year later, I continue to a maintenance plan visiting very 6 – 8 weeks. I travel overseas a lot  and eat out frequently, so seeing Hilary on a planned basis helps me.   I don't think twice about spending the same on my hair very 6 – 8 weeks and I am sure this is aiding my long term health."


How long did it take before you started to feel better?

Angharad: "3 weeks - my days were longer, more energy, less aches and pains. After 6 weeks I was able to reduce my medication and by 3 months stopped the medication. This was unthinkable since I was not able to move my limbs without the medication."

Linda: "Signs of improvement showed after 4 - 6  weeks and by the end of 3 months there were significant improvements."


How did you find the Hilary Newman Clinic? (personal recommendation, website search etc)

Angharad: "Through a friend of a friend who had been diagnosed with the same condition as me."

Linda: "Recommendation by my reflexologist. I read the website fully before my enquiry and initial appointments were made."

What was your experience of the Clinic? Did you find the staff helpful and friendly?

Angharad: "The therapy is very very expensive, therefore the experience is as important as the therapy itself.  The staff are an integral part of the work of the clinic and are always efficient, caring and professional."

Louise: "We are both so happy now that we are expecting our first child  and I do think it's down to the treatment from Hillary. Throughout she was so certain it would work for me and it did and I cannot thank her and her team enough."

Linda: "It was and remains professional, yet friendly. Any questions in between visits were always responded to quickly. Parking is easy, cheap and closeby."


Did you think the treatment was value for money?

Angharad: "What is the price of health and having your life again?  The treatment is value for money if you follow the advice."

Linda: "Yes I do.  Whilst it was a considerable financial investment it made me well.  The more mainstream medical investigations I had alongside this treatment discovered little, if anything wrong.  Had I not seen Hilary and just stuck to traditional medicine, I would be no further forward. A year on and I lead a normal, healthy life.  There are certain foods I avoid and those I will never eat again, but that’s a small price to pay."


Would you recommend the Clinic to others?

Angharad: "Yes, even friends of mine who haven’t been to the clinic recommend the clinic!"

Louise: "I would recommend her to any one suffering from the pain of infertility or any other condition for that matter"

Linda: "Absolutely, without a moments hesitation."


If you would like to share your story of a successful outcome to your treatment, please get in touch.