Colonic Hydrotherapy

colonic hydrotherapy effective cleansing technique

Often termed as colonic therapy, this is the cleansing of the colon - the last part of the digestive system. This method of medical treatment is an effective way to remove unidentified toxins and old, stuck/impacted faecal waste. The term colon hydrotherapy includes a number of ways to achieve the cleansing results.

The process

In the process of cleansing, the colon of the patient is cleansed by injecting water mixed with herbs, or liquids medically sanctioned as cleaning aids. The areas cleaned are those suspected by doctors to hold traces of faeces in the bowel, which can cause bacterial infection, or in the intestines which harbour parasites and gut-flora. The general symptoms of such a condition include irritability, headaches, appetite loss and irritable bowel syndrome.

Hydrotherapy helps to remove waste products.